Flocking Pets

Flocking Pets is a game where you have to lead and take in homeless pets and take care of them. You must create a city where they can live, by building houses, playgrounds, hospitals, restaurants and bath houses. Every time your animals leave, they will come back and bring you gifts with which you can build an increasingly beautiful and better city. When the time comes and your city is a great place for your pets to live in, you can move on to another city and make it a better place for other animals in need.

My work in this project is to develop and coordinate all the artistic aspects of the game:

  • 3D modelling
  • Texturing
  • Lighting
  • Simple animation
  • UI

This has been a big challenge. The goal was to obtain a very good result in terms of rendering and lighting, with the limitations of being a mobile game. Furthermore, the buildings must be able to change their colour palette, which was solved by baking all the lighting in blender using Cycles and then passing it to Unity with different base colourful textures. Unity's render engine doesn’t have to calculate lights or shadows, so a lot of optimization was accomplished.

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